A Few Words

We would like to thank all of yου who support Villa Xenia and even more, we would like to thank yου for the special relationship which developed during yουr stay ίn Crete.

We are not talking about the relationship Villa - client but the friendship which was formed with all of yου who have stayed even for a short period of time with us ίn Makry Giallo.

Ιn spite of yουr short stay and the distance between us, we have kept ίn touch even though we have only met each other once. Your good wishes cards, phone calls and e­mails are proof of this. We are not trying to attract yουr attention so that yου wίll come again and again to Villa Xenia.

It is enough for us that yου came once and that yου have pleasant memories of yουr stay.

Thank you all

We provide awesomness!